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Covid 19

Five Ways to Evangelize 

under COVID-19 Restrictions

COVID-19 restrictions have affected social gatherings, public dining, work and other activities. These regulations have not only impacted the church's assembling but also the church's engagement with unbelievers. While these restrictions may pose challenges to gospel proclamation, believers should not see these as obstacles, but as opportunities. The following are five recommendations for evangelizing under COVID-19 restrictions:

1. Call or video conference (Skype, Zoom, etc.) an unbeliever to offer a biblical perspective on the current situation that highlights the gospel.


2. Invite unbelievers to listen to an upcoming live stream message of the Sunday service. Afterward, discuss the message with them by phone or video conferencing, making certain to connect it to the gospel.


3. Email, YouTube, or post on social media a personal message to unbelievers that stresses the gospel. 

4. Text words of encouragement to unbelieving family members or friends that incorporate the gospel message along with a commitment to pray for them.

5. Mail a holiday or thinking-of-you card to someone that includes Scripture, the gospel message, and words of encouragement.

While circumstances have created challenges to evangelism, believers are still called to evangelize the nations. In addition to the above recommendations, believers can look for routine opportunities to converse with unbelievers while respecting public health and social distance guidelines. In other words, believers should continue to evangelize as a way of life as opportunities allow. 


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