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Five Ways to Spread the Gospel Abroad

With God's providence, technology has introduced unprecedented ways to spread the gospel abroad. By God's grace, in many cases, distance is no longer an impediment to hearing the gospel. Here are five easy ways to take the gospel to someone who is out of state, out of the country, or even out of the continent:

1. Call or schedule a conference (Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc.) with an unsaved family or friend to communicate the gospel.

2. Invite unbelievers to listen to a church's live stream worship service. Afterward, discuss the message with them by phone or video conferencing, connecting it to the gospel.

3. Email, YouTube, or post a personal message to unbelievers on social media that stresses the gospel. 

4. Text words of encouragement to unbelieving family members or friends that incorporate the gospel message and a commitment to pray for them.

5. Mail a holiday or thinking-of-you card to someone with Scripture, the gospel message, and words of encouragement.


Thanks God for these unprecedented ways and more to reach people abroad with the gospel.

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