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Four Truths Every

Person Must Know

Four compelling truths that every person must know for life and eternity.


Confronting Timidity

in Evangelism

While believers may be tempted by fear, God's Word offers encouragement for addressing timidity when evangelizing.

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Covid 19

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Five Ways to Evangelize 

under COVID-19 Restrictions

Five Ways to Evangelize 

under COVID-19 Restrictions

Practical ways that believers can proclaim the gospel under

pandemic restrictions.

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First and 


What is the Gospel? 

The Bible says that the gospel is of first importance. What is the gospel and why does it 

surpass every other truth in

its importance?

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Living a Transformed Life

Believers must live in a manner that testifies to the saving power of the gospel.  We witness by our words and our ways.



the Gospel 

Principles for evangelism from the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and lessons on initiating a conversation 

about the gospel.  


Handling Objections and Rejection

Responding to objections and rejection to the gospel in a Christ-honoring way.

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Do the work

of an evangelist.

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God Honoring Motivations for

Evangelism and Missions

A love for Christ and a passion for God’s glory and universal praise are among the God honoring reasons for evangelism andn missions.

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What is Evangelism?

To evangelize is to proclaim the gospel, and as we evangelize, we call people to obey the gospel.

Praying Hands

Prayer and Evangelism

Prayer demonstrates the believer’s dependence on God and their faith in God’s sovereignty in salvation.

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God's Sovereignty in Salvation

God ultimately controls who will be saved and the timetable of their salvation. What are the biblical evidences and implications of this fact?

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