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Passions that Should Drive Every Pastor

about Evangelism and Missions

There are at least three passions that should grip every pastor as it pertains to evangelism and missions. This is not to suggest that there are not additional passions. Moreover, these passions are not restricted to pastors only; in fact, every Christian should share these passions.


As it pertains to evangelism and missions, it is fair to say that pastors should be passionate about the following:

​1) Pastors must be passionate about God’s glory, His global praise and universal worship being declared among the nations. When we read the vision of heavenly worship in Revelation 4-5, 7 we get a glimpse of God’s passion for His glory as the nations and the heavenly beings worship God and the Lamb. Pastors must be passionate about all creation recognizing, rejoicing in, and ascribing glory to God. Related to this, pastors and congregants must proclaim the gospel for the sake of Christ's Name (Romans 1:5; 3 John 7). Apart from savoring God's glory, pastors and potentially, the people they shepherd, will lack the proper motivation for evangelism and missions.

2) Pastors must be passionate about the salvation of men and women. The apostle Paul experienced grief and sorrow for unbelieving Israel to the degree that he could wish that he could be cursed in place of seeing them saved (Romans 9:1-3). Few persons would make such a statement, but he did. Paul’s heart's desire and prayer to God was for their salvation (10:1). Pastor, are you zealous for the salvation of unbelievers? Pastors must be passionate about seeing people rescued from their enslavement to sin, God's wrath, and this crooked generation (Romans 5:9; 6:18; Galatians 1:4)Without a passion for souls or practical love for those who may perish, evangelism and missions will not exist.  

3) Pastors must be passionate about upholding the purity of the gospel. Pastors should share the apostle Paul's passion for the purity of the gospel. Pastors must protect the congregation from embracing or proclaiming a distorted gospel of any kind. Since unbelievers cannot be justified except through faith in Jesus Christ, pastors must proclaim faith in Christ as the sole criteria for justification (Galatians 2:16). Moreover, when evangelizing, pastors and congregations must reject the temptation to proclaim a "different gospel" (1:6-7).

Pastors must evangelize and equip the saints for the glory of God, the cause of Christ and the gospel, and the salvation and edification of saints. Pastors must do this for the sake of the Name and the reconciliation of lost people. 

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